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Greene County Fair Capital Auction

Our 4th Annual Capital Project Auction was a success!

Thank you to all the agricultural product suppliers for providing supplies and services to sell at our
Annual Capital Project Auction.

Thank you to everyone who came and purchased products.

Annual Auction

September 4, 2018

Our Capital Project is a Multiple Phase Project.

Our livestock buildings have been used for many years and are showing their age.
Our buildings are needing structural repair in order to continue to use them for the longterm.
We decided replacing them is a more viable option than the expensive renovation.

The target of our initiative is to in time replace, swine, sheep, and cattle barns.
Several of the barns may be original to the fairgrounds dating back seventy-five plus years
and are becoming unsightly, hard and costly to maintain.
The new building(s) will be large enough, with high enough sides, and enclosed with several doors to provide better ventilation and a more attractive facility during the county fair as well as interim events and /or rental storage for additional off-season income.

This project continues our mission of provident safe , attractive and efficient facilities while reducing our continued maintenance costs.

The ways we are seeking your help are:

An annual farm products auction held at Clover Hall in September.



Cash donations and annual pledges are always welcome.

For more information contact:

Rod Wolf, Building Chair
Connor Juergensen, President
Douglas Hawn, Secretary
Anyone on the fairboard

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